• Share Your Sigma Chi Memories

    We know you have stories to what are you waiting for?

    We often ask our members to share their stories and memories about their days with Sigma Chi but with so MANY things to reminisce about, it is hard to decide what to share. That’s why we have come up with a short set of questions in this article, meant to help us remember some of our best stories and some of the things we learned and took away from our fraternity experience.

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  • Enduring Bonds of Friendship

    A Closer Look at How the ’70s Era Brothers Stay Connected

    “We are united in the strong and enduring bonds of friendship and esteem.” These enduring bonds, described in The Jordan Standard, are by far the biggest benefits of being a Sig. No matter how many weeks, months, or years go by, you know you’ll receive a warm welcome among brothers. We see it every year at the Gamma Chi golf outing — happy reunions despite many years gone by — but it’s also noticeable at smaller gatherings, like the party held at Ross Swope’s '72 house every January.

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  • Alumni Profile - James Finlay '03

    How Sigma Chi Still Leaves a Mark on James Finlay '03

    For James Finlay '03, Sigma Chi Maryland was his home away from home the second he stepped foot into the house back in his second semester of freshman year, in 2000.

    “That sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth,” Finlay said. “Nick Devine, Rudy Gersten and Steve Simmons really made me feel comfortable and want to join the house. [There was no] pretense or any other ‘nerditry’ — just great fellowship.”

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  • Did You Know Derby Days Serves a Dual Purpose?

    While Helping Children in Need, Sigma Chis also Build Critical Life Skills

    When Scott Werber asked Chris Kennedy ’85 to reintroduce Derby Days to the Gamma Chi Chapter in 2012 (following the chapter’s recolonization), Chris didn’t hesitate to become the Derby Days Alumni Advisor. Having served as the undergraduate Derby Days Chairman back in 1984-1985, he knew how important it was to bring this event back to bolster Sigma Chi’s identity on the University of Maryland campus.

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  • Alumni Report

    Brian Allen '86 Finds Support from His Brothers After Losing His Father

    These are the kind of pictures that can really pull on your heart strings and remind you what brotherhood really means throughout life...

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Sigma Chi’s core values are Friendship, Justice and Learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization — aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.

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