Bob Gralley ’49

Nothing too new at this end. I joined Sigma Chi in 1944 and, after going in the service, graduated in 1949. Sorry to hear that my old buddy Al Mayer passed away not too long ago. Al was instrumental in my joining Gamma Chi. I still remember the good old days and how much Sigma Chi meant in making me feel at home in such a new environment in coming to Maryland. Guess there is not too many of us old timers left. Time flies but memories will always remain. 


Ed Whiteford ’52

My years at Maryland and Gamma Chi have been remembered pleasantly throughout my 85 years. After College Park, I went to Medical School and later had an Air Force career spawned by AFROTC at MD. I retired a Colonel as Maryland State Air Surgeon and have many fond memories. Although I am disabled now with ataxia which interferes with ambulation, the Lord has spared mind. If I am able, I would like to attend the 75th anniversary.


Ken Harrington ’68

I currently live in Lafayette, New Jersey with my wife, Karen, and daughter, Laura. In 2007, I retired from Trane Co. after 36 years as a sales engineer. I now split my time between gardening, golfing, and visiting with our grandchildren, Ashley and Olivia. I've also begun building a model railroad that I've put off since high school! 

I have many fond memories of my life as a Sigma Chi at Maryland, so it is hard to focus on one or two. However, I always thought about our weekly chapter meetings and, how, after discussing our differences and opinions in the meeting, always leaving the meeting as Brothers. Other great memories include football weekends, even though the team didn't give us much to cheer about.

I came to know about Sigma Chi well before I enrolled at MD. My best friend’s father was a Sig at UMD and I always liked him. In fact, he was one of the founding brothers of Sigma Chi at UMD, Lee Collinson ’45. So when I got there, I had already made up my mind that I wanted to be a Sig. I pledged, and the rest is history.

It was through Sigma Chi that I got my first (and only) job. Brother John Bergman ’65 was a Civil Engineering grad like I was soon to be. We were talking one day, and I asked him where he worked and if he liked it. He told me about Trane, and invited me to his office to learn more about the company. I liked what I saw and wound up working for Trane for 36 years. I always marvel at how my initial association with Sigma Chi set the course for my life.

Once my daughters reached the age that school responsibilities took precedence, we stopped going to Homecoming. Recently, I have reconnected with Charlie Brown ’68, Bob Bryer ’67, Tom Ferry ’69, and Mike Ferrara ’67. Mike and his wife, Karen, have met us for dinner a few times and we have taken in a Maryland/Rutgers game in New Brunswick. Charlie and Janet have hosted us for a couple of Homecomings, and we saw Tom and Bob and their wives when we were at our vacation home in Berlin, MD. I am planning on attending the 75th Reunion in May and am looking forward to catching up with all the Brothers I haven't seen for many years!


Bob Donaldson ’69

After living in Washington DC for 25 years and Falls Church, VA for 18 years, we finally built a new house on the family farm and retired to Southern Maryland full time.  Any brothers who want to eat some crabs and go sailing should come for a visit.


Brian Ohlson ’79

I initiated at San Diego State (Delta Xi) in the Fall of 1974. The next August, I transferred to Gamma Chi – mainly because I wanted to see that part of the country. I was from Southern California. I attended U of M for three semesters from 1975–1977 and am still in contact with a few of the brothers from that era.

In the late 1970s, Marty Brasses (’74) parents moved out to L.A., and eventually Marty moved his family out there. We all spent a fair amount of time together, and Marty got me into the technology field (IT). That had a big impact on me, as I remained in IT Sales for 33 years before retiring last year.

During the fall of 1976, I stayed out of school for one semester. Dan Turlik ’77 came out for an extended visit, and we both got jobs working in a warehouse for a local department store, before heading back to school in January of 1977. For many years Danny and I stayed in regular contact, and I was always appreciative of the hospitality I received from him and his family over the years.

My wife and two kids have lived in the Charlotte, NC area for nearly 20 years. I went to a party hosted by Ross Swope ’72 a couple years ago, and it was great seeing many of the brothers for the first time in 35 or 40 years. My original roommate at 4600 Norwich was Marty Schoenleber ’79. We have stayed in touch over the years, including when we both lived in Southern California in the early 1980s. Recently, he accepted a pastorate at a church about 45 minutes away in South Carolina, and I had the good fortune to see him preach on New Year’s Day.

Sigma Chi at Maryland was one of the great experiences of my life. My conservative parents were a bit worried about me going to that “liberal eastern establishment.” The house was far from that, and I don’t recall at this point if the campus professors had any particular leanings one way or the other. The memories are all great.

Recently, we all suffered with the passing of Ron Fedoryk ’75. I have great memories of Ron. He and I went to Europe in 1989, and had a great time driving around Germany, Switzerland, and France for 10 days. We spent a weekend in Monte Carlo, and I think he won $500 or $600 in the casino. With his generosity, he said “Dinner is on me for the rest of the trip.” He was one in a million.


Thomas Togneri ’88

I’m the Sr. Director of Olympics and Sports Sales for NBC Universal & Comcast Regional Sports Networks.

I still enjoy keeping in touch with many brothers, including John Bush ’88, Jack Travisano ’88, Maurice Rowe ’88, Darin Pinto ’88, Rick Sullivan ’90, Mike Mills ’89, Jeff Holibaugh ’88, Jim Tracy ’87, Darrell Beal ’87, Dave Beal ’87Shaun McInerney ’88, Tony Burton ’92, Angelo Pace ’88, John Vipulis ’89, Joe Preston ’92, Mike Walsh ’88, Chad Thompson ’89, Carlos “Chick” Hernandez ’86, and Ed Woods ’88.


Darren Recupero ’91

At Sigma, Chi I got to know a great group of people that allowed a large college like UMD to feel small.  Everyone helped shape my life inside fraternity—it’s a great group of people—but Hale Hedley ’90 served as my best man in my wedding and Terry Carmody ’92 continues to be among my closest friends.  I also keep in touch with Scott Werber ’86 via his notes, Matt Kane ’92 (NYC), and Dave Di Paolo ’92 (NYC).  My kids have kept me busy, but now they are looking at college so I’m going full circle.  We visited Lehigh and I immediately recalled great trip with UMD brothers back in 1987. 


Brian Coffey ’92  

Brian and his wife, Ginger, at Fire Island Brian with his children, Sean and Kaitlyn, and their dog, Finn


My favorite memories from Sigma Chi were Derby Days, house parties, and intramural championships. I’ve been inspired by many of my brothers, including Lance McInerney ’92 (because he’s a good friend), Kenny Wilund ’89 (my big brother), Mike Conmy ’92 (a great guy who’s very driven), and John LaValle ’89 (for looking after a Long Island boy and his dedication to public service. He is currently the head of the Suffolk County Republican party). I’m still in touch with Mike through Facebook. Sigma Chi taught me to be more a more responsible citizen and to give back. The best part of being an alum is seeing so many brothers come to others’ aid even well after graduation.


Keith Goldan ’93

I just took a new role as Chief Financial Officer at OptiNose in Yardley, PA (, and also recently became an Advisory Board member at the Downingtown STEM Academy (


Casey Jones ’93

Casey and his wife, Terryann Casey and his daughter, Libby


I’m an attorney living in Morristown, New Jersey. I’m married to Terryann Bradley, and we have a girl named Libby, who has her father wrapped around her little finger!


Matthew Young ’10

I have started a business with another Sigma Chi, Gamma Chi Alum that refurbishes and resells electronics out of Beltsville, MD.

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