White Rose Ceremony Offers Peace to Grieving FamilySpecial thanks to Marie Conmy, who responded to our recent call for alumni news and memories in honor of her late husband, Mike Conmy ’92. Mike passed away in late August.

She writes "Mike was so proud of Sigma Chi and shared so many memories of his days with his In Hoc brothers at Maryland," said Marie. "I always got the sense that they were very special times in his life."

"When I read the question you asked about a favorite memory, I knew right away: The White Rose Ceremony. Keith Goldan ’93 and Mark Sellman ’92, true brothers In Hoc to Mike, stood over his casket at his place of rest and so honorably represented Sigma Chi. It was so beautiful to receive this great tradition."

Marie says that when Mike's three sons and four-year-old daughter are old enough, that she will pass his cherished Sigma Chi things on to them, "as I know he would want."

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