Beer 'n Crabs at Cantlers Riverside Inn

There has been a great tradition the last twelve years that takes place the night before our annual golf tournament. Brothers will gather at Cantlers Riverside Inn in Annapolis for beer and crabs to have a some laughs and catch up before hitting the links the next morning. We are happy to report that the tradition has been kept alive in 2019. Here are some reflections from Brothers Roger Gardner '70 and Robert "Dunkle" Lehmkuhl '74:

"Brothers – thanks to Dunkle and for all of you old farts for keeping the Cantlers Beer ‘n Crabs tradition alive and well for twelve years now! We had a great time and hope to see you all next year – no excuses not to show, unless you have to attend your own funeral between now and then – and in that case we’ll have a beer or two in your honor!

Stay healthy and “retain the spirit of youth” y’all!"

In Hoc …………. Roger G “Rocky Mountain Social Chairman”


"I think all of these Brothers should have gotten their 50 year pins from EX Headquarters by now. I know Jeff was wearing his at the golf outing. It was these guys why I pledged Gamma Chi in the fall of 1970, in addition to needing a room for the semester. Of course during the week of Feb 1-6,1971, I didn’t feel the same love. No stories will be told here.

Robert "Dunkle" Lehmkuhl"

LEFT SIDE: Ron Nicholas '73, Gary Courtois '71, Gary Figallo '72, Roger Gardner '70 and Robert "Dunkle" Lehmkuhl '74

RIGHT SIDE: Ralph Beachley '69, Bill "Big Mac" Nicholas '72, Steve Joyce '72, Bert Randall '69, Jeff Weiler '70 and Fred Flower '71






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