I was afraid of this. I just received a call from Des Robinson alerting me that GC Schuyler just informed him of a conflict in his schedule that bumps us from our preferred 2 November date.  Not wanting to allow anything else to muck up our best laid plans, I told Des to lock in solid the 9 November alternative.

So to review the bidding: It is 9 November...repeat 9 November!

Hopefully, we have not screwed things up for the superb alumni who have already stepped out to "save the date.”

On a more positive note, the date change means that our Maryland and College Park will also be free to attend since there is no home football game on the weekend of the 9th. Having just ended their Peterson drought, I encourage them to join us in this Province wide celebration of a new chapter to our fold.

I'm also dialoging with Loren Butler IRT the finer details of our initiative, to include not one but two Ritual Directors (one each dedicated to early and later portions of the investiture process).  All other comms on that subject will be with the appropriate folks in restricted channels.

If you want to be an alumni participant leading up to the investiture, please let Scott Werber know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Walt Cooner
Grand Praetor
Eastern Province

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