Thanks to Brother Robert Pichard ‘11 for talking with us about his experience being part of the recolonizing class of Gamma Chi! Robert is continuing to give back by organizing the September 27 10th Anniversary Tailgate. Read on to find out what inspired Rob to volunteer.


Q: Tell us about the September 27 Anniversary Tailgate.

A: We are really excited to be hosting the 10th Anniversary of The Sigma Chi Gamma Chi chapter. The Tailgate against Penn State is a perfect venue to get together and celebrate. It took forty-five young men paired with a handful of dedicated alumni to bring the chapter roaring back to life. 


Q: What was it like to be part of the recolonizing pledge class back in 2009?

A: The recolonization was nothing short of spectacular. The first Sigma Chi (Alpha) meetings swapped between the Stamp Student Union and Brother Matt Young’s basement at his off-campus house in College Park Woods. We spent our meetings thinking about how we would do our first rush events and recruit our first pledges, while also filling out mountains of paperwork and bylaws. Our first pledge classes turned out fantastic, which led us to move into TEPs old house on Knox Road. We were the only fraternity with two iconic houses, even if Norwich was a bit decrepit, before later moving to the Row. 


Q: Why did you join Sigma Chi?

A: I originally joined because we had a package deal group of six friends who were splintering off into different fraternities. Feeling entrepreneurial, we went to the OFSL and were paired with Phil Kim and Matt Young and with a handful of eager alumni. Scott Werber quickly capitalized on the interest and organized a Meet and Greet at Bentley’s that week. 


Q: What is your best memory from your Sigma Chi days?

A: Some of the best memories were some of the biggest headaches for our alumni, which including filming that almost took place at Knox Road and a few midnight adventures to the Norwich house. Other more positive memories included a sixteen-hour road trip to Mizzou for our first Balfour workshop. Nothing beats living in the house with thirty other brothers.


Q: What have you gained from your Sigma Chi membership?

A: Sigma Chi led me to my closest friends currently. Not only do I have cornhole partners at an occasional summer barbecue, but I have also met many professionals in the workplace who have identified themselves as Sigma Chis. Sigma Chis from all chapters will go out of their way to lend a helping hand when it comes to making connections and doing business. 


Q: If you could give an active brother one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: My advice to current brothers is to get involved in the chapter and in the community. Aside from joining the executive board in some capacity, make sure to attend at least one workshop or Horizons to meet some other Sigs. Road trips make the best memories.

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