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Roger Aarons ‘88 

The most valuable part of my Sigma Chi experience was the development of life-long friendships.  This is one of the truest meanings of Brotherhood, having people who are there for you no matter the distance, time or circumstance, through both the good and the difficult times. 

We should be actively providing the opportunity for alumni from all generations to connect with each other, as well as with current Brothers and pledges, to keep the bonds, values, and lessons of Brotherhood strong and relevant through all past, present and future generations. 

 We should ensure that we are all ready, willing and able to assist our Brothers with hardships encountered during this time of uncertainly and danger.  However, during this crisis, the word Brotherhood should be expanded to include family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.  We are all in this together and are stronger when we draw upon each other's strengths.  

I am currently most connected to the local 1980's crew with whom I spent my time at UMD, but enjoy meeting those from before and after at social events.   

After 32 years away, I am moving back to Maryland which will hopefully help me re-engage with the Chapter and local Brothers. 

Victor Bradford ‘86 

I pledged in the Spring of 1982 and I graduated in Spring 1986. 

Joining EX was the best part of my college experience. I still see many Brothers from my era. My wife and I have season tickets to Maryland Football and basketball. I go to all the home games and some of the away games! Six weeks ago, we were in Indianapolis for the BIG10 tournament with my old Magister, Stuart Axenfeld and several other Sigs from the early 80s. 

I still see half of the guys in my pledge class regularly! We had a great pledge class! 

I attend the EX golf tournament and Homecoming every year. Gumby does a great job keeping everyone informed!! 

I've been married 30 years and we have 2 kids   Lauren (27) and Matt (23-- My wife was in AZD at UMd.  I was the Derby Days coach f AZD back in 1984. I've been a Realtor (Remax) for 34 years and my wife has been a high school science teacher for 33.  River Hill High School, Clarksville. 

We moved several times when we were first married but we settled down a bought a house in Howard County, Columbia 22 years ago.     

James “Jay” Savage ‘70 

Hi Ryan, 

It has been a very long time since I was at U of M and Sigma Chi, though I do have great memories. I spent part of a summer doing voluntary landscaping on the outside of the house and I think it really helped when we had pledge week. I also remember a trip to Roanoke College which reminds me of the Corona virus. A few of us got down there to Sigma Chi Roanoke and that weekend they had a flu epidemic and closed the school just as we left. I caught the flu and was sick as a dog for a week.    

After leaving school I joined the Army, studied Japanese at DLI Monterey and spent couple of years in Japan. Then I went to Thunderbird Graduate School in Phoenix and started a career in International Business. I have been living in Manila in the Philippines for almost 43 years. I got involved in rugby and was the Secretary of the Philippines Rugby Union for a number of years.  

I have communicated with Ken Shipp and one or two others. I was back in D.C. in the fall of 2018 but my sister lives in Centerville, VA so I didn't make it to College Park. I hope I have time on my next trip to stop by the house. 

Andy Harper ‘87 

I think the most valuable experience that came out of Sigma Chi was finding the real meaning of Sigma Chi during initiation. I was pleasantly surprised by how meaningful it was to experience the ritual for the first time. After graduation I realized that my Brothers would be lifelong friends.  

I'm not sure how the pandemic will affect the future of the fraternity life. In the short run, it will be more of the same – with social distancing. Covid-19 is real, and it is serious and can take the life of a younger person. When I was in college, I thought that my life was invincible. Now I know that life is fragile. So being cautious and being vigilant to stop the spread will be of utmost importance. We all need to make sure we are safe and healthy. The Sigma Chi Brotherhood is a special bond. One that bonds us together for life. Life is fragile, so appreciate it and don't take it for granted. 

Thanks to Brother Scott Werber (Consul when I pledged) I have been in touch with many throughout the years. I moved from the DC area and see one of my Brothers from time to time because he lives in my neighborhood. 

Currently I have my own video production and photography company and do work for CBS Sports and Fox Sports. I work on the field, getting sound during Redskins and Ravens games. Fox Sports also broadcast the 2019 World Series, so I was on the field during the Nats home field games getting sound from the field. That was a bucket list item for sure. 

John Hallock Jr. ‘15 

The most valuable part of my Sigma Chi experience is the ability to instantly connect with Sigs from other chapters/eras.  

 The pandemic will have lasting effects from a global health, economic, and political perspective, but the values of Sigma Chi will remain strong and provide us with the patience for recovery. Through tough times like this, our collective commitment to our values and our character is evermore reflected in our decision-making. 

Currently I’m in touch with some members who were also active while I was an undergraduate student. I'm fortunate to have been a legacy member, so I also keep in touch with my father and his fellow Brothers. I'm also a board member with the Gamma Chi Foundation for Education, through which I keep in touch with other board members and active Brothers who are involved with the Foundation. I'm always open to reconnecting with the Brothers from my chapter and those who I might cross paths with socially and/or vocationally.  

I recently bought a house in Frederick, MD back in Feb 2019. I also just started a new role as the Accounting Manager with LifeStraw in Baltimore, MD in Apr 2020.  

Robert Blanco ‘11 

The most valuable part of my Sigma Chi experience is the connections and friendships I’ve made. I have met so many people through Sigma Chi and have developed strong relationships, whether personal or professional, I feel like I always have someone I share Sigma Chi with, in all aspects of my life. 

It also has provided another thing my dad and I can bond over. He was Gamma Chi in the ‘80s and encouraged me to rush and pledge Sigma Chi when I arrived at Maryland in Fall 2010. He pinned me at my initiation ceremony, and we were able to share a lot of my undergrad memories together through Sigma Chi. And now we share a lot of alumni experiences together. 

I’m currently mostly in touch with my closest friends from my pledge class (Spring 2011). Former roommates and friends who I also went to high school with. Mike Foster, who now lives in Denver, and Tony Berner, who lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming). I am currently roommates with Brian Hughes in D.C. and we are still close with Paul Trigonoplos. I also stay in contact with Ryan Kennedy and a handful of other guys from my era. 

I cover the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles for, and am the host/producer of the MASN All Access Podcast: Nationals. I recently interviewed Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle for Star Wars Day.  

I also have a side project: the “Put Me In, Coach” Podcast that I do with a group of friends about all things D.C. sports. Fellow Gamma Chi and D.C. sportscaster Chick Hernandez has been a guest and is a friend of the program.  

My family is currently living at my parents' house in Silver Spring, Md. to get out of the city. My dad and I chat about Sigma Chi occasionally. I sometimes hop on his Zoom calls with Brothers from his era and he stays in touch with Brothers from mine. 

Ajay Mehta ‘85 

I have fond memories of my time at UMD and Sigma Chi. While I don't think I was the most engaged Brother, the principles on which the fraternity was founded, and the key ones we still exercised when I was in school, left an impression. The experience was beyond what most of the public perceives as the Greek experience.  I contribute to maintain those principles going forward.  

The most valuable part of my Sigma Chi experience was the friendships I had before and during my time in Sigma Chi - while I don't keep in touch as much as I would like, I have fond memories. 

I suspect the impact of the pandemic on the fraternity will be a subset of the broader impact on university life.  I think it's critical that Sigma Chi evolve to maintain its relevance under social distancing guidelines.  This also presents us an opportunity, if appropriate, to evolve the fraternity especially in terms of what friendship and learning means. 

My son is a junior and is looking forward to going to Maryland.  I hope he will consider Sigma Chi. 

David Crow ‘75 

Because of the power of our Brotherhood, my Sigma Chi Brothers from the mid-‘70s particularly have kept close, because we have old ties.  

I will always support Sigma Chi in action and money. My internship program has provided many opportunities for Brothers, and at my advanced age, the sons and daughters of Brothers. More than I can remember.  

In a bad time, be it pandemic, a death in the family, a career setback or other woes, reach out to someone who cares, be good counsel, and be discreet.  

What is abundantly clear, is the deep, personal experience of pledgeship and Brotherhood create these bonds. We all believe the same things and in each other. Many times I will tell my family, or my clients, or the people who have read my memoir, “The Pale-Faced Lie”, that the Brotherhood of Sigma Chi got me through the worst times of my life and sustains me in the best times too.  

I love alumni events, to see old Brothers, to swap stories, and to step back and forward into lives that I will always cherish.  

You can’t make old friends, you have to build them, and our Brotherhood is the best way I know.  

As an author and lobbyist, I use every social media avenue, and so do the Brothers. I see their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but my favorite is an old-fashioned phone call or a text. All of them are important and more so now as this pandemic creates global havoc that every one of us feels. 

Bob Gralley ‘49 

Hi Ryan --- Nice to hear from you.  As a 1949 graduate from the University of MD I had quite an interesting experience during my Sigma Chi years.  Since that time, I moved around quite a bit spending most of my time working in New York City as V.P. and Secretary at The Mutual Of New York Life Insurance Company and living mostly in Connecticut.  Hence my contact with local Sigs has been somewhat limited. 

Coming to the U. of Md. as a freshman could be quite an unsettling experience, but fortunately for me, my become a Sig, and associating with a fine group of young men, made the adjustment so easy.  It was during the war years and the University needed and took over the fraternity houses. Gamma Chi had to move and rent a private home nearby until things returned to normal 

 So, I must say that as one looks back on life, the memories of splendid experiences become more and more important.  And my being associated with such a fine group of young men made that so. I'm sorry that my later life did not allow me to be more connected with Sigs 

In today's atmosphere we most all stand tall and accept the fact that things will ultimately get better -- but until then enjoy the good memories of the past, and in my case that includes a great Sig experience.    

Daniel Beall ‘84 

I have always enjoyed the friendships developed during my time at UMD and being in Sigma Chi.  My pledge class has always been well represented at Alumni and undergraduate events and since I am relatively successful in my post-college career it only makes sense to give back to those coming after me as well as getting together with lifelong Brothers. 

must give a shout-out to my Brother Gumby (Scott Werber).  He does an incredible job keeping the Gamma Chi Brotherhood from my time as well as Sigma Chi as a whole "connected" with lots of opportunities to get involved and stay connected. 

It is a bummer that the Alumni/Undergraduate Golf Tourney was cancelled but already looking forward to the Terps B-Ball season next year.  Also, it’s a bummer that we don't have the chance to get together to mourn the passing of our Brother Brian Kennedy, but that time will come.  We'll get through this difficult time together. 

My pledge class (Spring 1982) as well as the classes before and after are well represented at a lot of the Sigma Chi events so re-connection isn't a problem.  We obviously miss those who are no longer with us.  

My company (Solers) was acquired last year by a larger company (Peraton) so I am still adjusting from working for a relatively small company to a large company but so far so good.  My family is always growing (5 kids, 6 grandkids) but I don't think I will be able to keep up with the Creegans!  I still don't have a legacy kid in Gamma Chi, but I am hoping my youngest (Jack) will fill that slot. 

Waldo Burnside ‘49 

I went to university at 17 and lived 2 miles from the campus. The first year GIs were coming back from service at the time. I learned from those many mature guys and they helped me to grow up. I learned an awful lot from them and the fraternity association, learned how to listen 

I was involved with the alumni association through the 60s and 70s and tried to stay in touch with the fraternity. I contributed to Derby Days, golf tournaments, and the annual fund. Couldn’t be personally involved so contributed in the best way I could 

The answers in the April 2017 Sigma Chi letter was one of the best things to ever happen to me 

From 1949-80 I was active in the alumni association, and I served as president of the house corporation when they added a wing to the original house in the middle of the 1970s. Since the fraternity has come back on campus, they have done a great job, and were recognized as the outstanding fraternity on campus last year. 

I retired in the 1990s from my department store business that I’d run for 42 years, moved back 2 years ago. As a 91-year-old with a walker, it is difficult to get around. I made it to the 75th anniversary in May 2017. I think Scott Werber has been a godsend to the fraternity since reinstatement. 

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