If there’s one thing we're certain about in 2020, it’s that everything is uncertain. Just ask any corporate advertisement ever (watch this video for a laugh). 

New announcements about fall at Maryland are coming out every day, and it seems like many of our favorite campus activities are being postponed, moved online, or even cancelled altogether. Many universities are cancelling athletics too, meaning we’re likely to miss our favorite tailgates and homecoming in College Park. 

Current Maryland Terrapins may miss out on many of the things we loved about our Maryland experience. But in the midst of these unfortunate cancellations, we suggest looking back on better days. In remembering our traditions, we reassure ourselves that someday they will return, for us and future generations of Maryland Terrapins to enjoy.  

We’d like to remind you of 5 traditions that made coming back to campus feel like coming home. 

Red and White Game 

This annual intra-squad scrimmage held at the end of spring football practice dates to at least 1948. In 1951, the scrimmage became a contest between current Terps and recent alumni, but reverted to an intra-squad format in 1963, with the first usage of “red” and “white” to describe the teams appearing the next year. In more recent years, the Red and White Game has often been a featured event on Maryland Day. 

Terp Alley 

Approximately two hours before kickoff at every home football game, fans join Testudo, the Spirit Squad and the Mighty Sound of Maryland as the football team walks through Terp Alley on its way to Maryland Stadium. Terp Alley starts as the team exits the bus at the Stadium Drive traffic circle and continues through the west gate of the stadium. 

First Look Fair 

Each fall, new students and others learn how to get involved on campus and connect with other students with similar interests at this event dating back to 1983. The outdoor event on McKeldin Mall hosts more than 500 students clubs and organizations, campus departments and services, local vendors and community service agencies. 

Maryland Day 

The University of Maryland opens its doors every year on the last Saturday in April to alumni and their families, parents, prospective students, the business community and residents of the surrounding Baltimore-Washington metro area. The campus welcomes up to 100,000 visitors for a day of learning, exploration and fun for the entire community. 


Each fall, the university welcomes back alumni to join current students for a week of reconnecting through events including the annual comedy show, carnival on McKeldin Mall, and of course, the football game. 

Lost List

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