In last month’s e-letter, we sent out a survey to our Gamma Chi Alumni. Now, we’d like to thank those who answered and share their responses with you! Here are your Brothers’ responses. If you’d like to weigh in yourself, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll include it in our next e-letter!

What kind of impact did Gamma Chi make on your life after Maryland? Friendships? The leadership you learned at the house? Something else? What's stuck with you? Weigh in!

Seth Preece '49

"Sigma Chi played a significant beneficial role in my life by providing me a lifetime of good friends.

My life prior to college was to a large extent controlled by the great depression. In 1930, when I was starting school, my father lost his job and we lost our beautiful home in Connecticut. . In the years that followed we moved from place to place while my father was able to find only short term employment. If memory serves, by the time I finished high school we had moved nine times and I had changed schools eight times. I had some high school friends when I started at Maryland, but none that I had known very long or very well. I joined Gamma Chi and suddenly there was a chapter house full of brothers who sought lasting friendships. I am now ninety five and enjoy looking back on many good and lasting friends."

Christopher Kennedy '85

"Thank you for your recent email about my membership as a brother in the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Maryland.

Sigma Chi has given me lifelong friendships that started nearly 30 years ago in 1981and continue onward today. The principles and values I learned as a pledge have stayed with me decades later and, along with ongoing friendships with my Sigma Chi brothers, have helped shape my life.

For the past 10 years, I have been honored to serve as the University of Maryland Sigma Chi Chapter Derby Days Alumni Advisor. Derby Days is the designated Sigma Chi fraternity national philanthropy and the Maryland Sigma Chi Chapter, over the past decade, has raised and donated more than $300,000.00 to Children's National Medical Center in nearby Washington, D.C.

Sigma Chi provides brotherhood in life, and beyond."

Lost List

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